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Image by Scott Webb

About Corinthians Hill Event Center

Image by Scott Webb

Rome wasn’t built in a day… 

Since we opened in 2020 we have grown into something we never imaged, from renovations, new additions, landscaping to happy endings and not so happy endings, we have never lost hope. Let’s just say that opening up a Venue in the beginning stages of a worldwide pandemic is not ideal, but with lots of faith we’ve continued moving forward. We have currently finished working on a larger facility that will accommodate up to 500 of your guests. Like John Heywood once said “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour” that is just to remind us of the time needed to create something great! 


Moving forward, as we continue to lay bricks, we are listening to your wants and keeping your needs in mind in creating an unforgettable Venue! 

Corinthians Hill Event Center
Image by Scott Webb

“When God opens a door, you walk through it” 



That’s exactly what Debbie did 13 years ago when a design client asked her to design her daughter’s wedding, that’s right, we never planned on being in the wedding business! 


Debbie Deutsch, owner of Corinthians Hill Event Center has earned a degree in Interior Design and Fine Arts and trained in various locations in the United States and Europe.  Her business, Cornerstone Interiors LLC,, was established in 1981 in Great Bend, KS. She loves helping clients visualize their wants and needs, this is why it is so natural to help couples design and decorate their wedding day! 


Debbie grew up with a mother that shared the love of entertainment, we now want to pass that on to you and your family. Corinthians Hill offers many services that will make you feel the loving hospitality roots that Debbie and her mom shared growing up. 


Corinthians Hill sits on 14 acres of beautiful Kansas land with breathtaking views just ½ mile from Cheyenne Bottoms, the Bottoms is the largest wetland in the interior United States. 


Corinthians Hill first wedding was held on June 13, 2020. That’s right, we brilliantly opened during the pandemic.  This darling couple was gracious enough to trust us with their beautiful wedding and trust us to have 27 guests for their ceremony and dinner. 


We are a small group that has become a family, we genuinely care about your wedding and all the details that are important to you, and your family. We understand that we only get one chance to create your special day and make it unforgettable, we simply don't take that lightly. 

Image by Scott Webb

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